"Because it's all online, AgencyLink eliminates the time and expense to communicate gift and payout info to agencies and other United Ways.

We have also reduced the expense incurred at the agencies to thank donors. It's a wonderful product!"

Jane Borgmann
Asst. Director Pledge Accounting
United Way of Greater Cleveland



AgencyLink is the brainchild of the Strategic Initiatives Partnership - a collaboration between ACCESS International and a number of United Ways working together to develop better ways to serve customers and build community.

AgencyLink eliminates the paperwork and automates the customer service demands related to providing accurate donation and payment information to agencies, federations and other United Ways.

AgencyLink allows agencies to view their gift and payment information online. With only a few clicks of the mouse, agencies can review and download the donor and gift information they need to keep their donor database up-to-date and generate acknowledgement letter to donors in a timely manner. AgencyLink not only allows on-demand access to your agencies and federations donor information, it allows your organization to spend less time retrieving data for your agencies and federations, and more time with your donors.

AgencyLink works with any campaign and finance system. The software and data reside on your web server and can only be accessed by the organizations you authorize. Agencies can export the gift and payment detail directly into Microsoft Excel for analysis.

Agencies also have access to the following information:

  • Detailed Gift Listing with Donor Details
  • Payment Information
  • Payout Details with Fees Outlined
  • Address and Contact Information
  • A United Way Contact Listing
  • Patriot Act Compliance

To learn more, please see our Product Overview or contact us at 617.218.5123 or

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